I Wrote a Book!

…because your dating life is trash

Grab a good book!

Admit it, girlfriend: You’re tired of going in and out, and in and out, and in and out, and in and out (we could keep going) of relationships that waste your time.

You’ve read hundreds of relationship advice columns, books, and blogs,  and they all told you that you needed to change or that you needed to “be realistic.”

That stops today! I can fix your dating issues and make you feel great about yourself in 92 pages.

I’m being serious! Order your copy today. I’ll even autograph it for you! You need this book! You know I’m right!
-Danita LaShelle

Go ahead… Read, Girlfriend!

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Single Lady Purchase

Buy the 90-Day plan for you, or someone you know. (I included shipping)


The Best Girlfriend Package

Purchase 2 books and get the second book 60% off! (I included shipping)


Let’s Chat About the Book!

Host a virtual book club!

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