ADHD Musings #1006: Superhero Logistics

I feel like, and this is just me, that a clothing department store in Metropolis should have been way more suspicious way early on.

Like…the fairly attractive reporter from “The Daily Planet,” the one with the glasses, was probably buying more dress shirts than the average man. And it’s not like he traveled a lot, or was a CEO of a Fortune 500, or even on TV; he was a print reporter…for a dying medium….constantly buying dress shirts.

And what about the people around him? How come Lois wasn’t like, “Clark, why are you always buying dress shirts from Bitterman’s?” or whatever…

“I keep losing the buttons off my other ones,” he may reply. Because he can’t admit that he keeps ripping them open and discarding them in random parts of the city. It’s not like he’d finish saving the day and then go back and retrieve his clothes.

But if he did….wouldn’t the dry cleaner be like, “Clark, I replaced the buttons on your dress shirts…AGAIN!” Would they keep doing that for weeks and weeks and not even ask why they’re having to?

You: Danita….(sigh) Why are you like this?

Because I have ADHD…. and this all stemmed from me taking off my glasses and looking in the mirror.

Danita LaShelle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t with you.

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