The Human of Beings

There’s a moment in everyone’s life where you see a celebrity name trending, or you get a text from a friend about somebody you know, and your heart stops. No, nobody died. Nobody was in a horrible accident. It’s just the news that your idol, your hero, the person you built that weird shrine to in your walk-in closet, did something egregiously errable. (That is actually a word. Look it up)

You have all their albums. You have all their books. You own all their movies. But now, each of those things is a glaring reminder that this person did the unthinkable, or turned out to be a hypocrite….or both.

(And for the record…I’m not talking to you die-hard R. Kelly super fans. Seriously…get your life together.)

It can be devastating when your fandom or idolization is challenged by actions that change your view of the person. But I’m here to help! (Because that’s what I do.)

Here are “The Top Things You Can Do When Your Idol Does Something Horrible”

  1. Get over it.
  2. Stop…um….
  3. …..

….um….hmph….I think that’s all I got.

Get over it. And no, this is not some weird call for “forgiveness” or eventual reinstatement of a person to their original status. Many times, that isn’t the answer at all. Sometimes you just have to get over it and get on with your own life.

There comes a point where we have to stop “pedestaling” people. The only reason why you’re devastated at the news that ___________ did _____________, was because you held them much higher than they truly deserved to be. I get it— they inspired you. They made you want to finish school, or get into Performing Arts, or write that novel, or travel, or ….whatever. But they are still a human being. They are still a regular person whose name a lot of people just happen to know. The difference between you and them is the opportunity they had to get where they are.

That doesn’t mean you can’t admire a person for their accomplishments. That doesn’t mean that a well-known person doesn’t deserve awards and accolades for things they’ve done. What it does mean is that…. maybe don’t name your kid after them, or blow your savings on their sports memorabilia…or spend your rent money on the conference where they’re speaking….and maybe, you know, take that shrine down in your closet.

Life is so much simpler when you realize that human beings are simply…human. Mistakes will be made, some more egregious than others. Terrible acts will be committed…some more unforgivable than others…and that’s something that we don’t necessarily have to expect from imperfect creatures, but we shouldn’t be surprised by it. And it most certainly shouldn’t completely ruin our weeks or days or lives.

Humans are gonna human. Once you learn that, it’s much easier to exhale.

You know I’m right.

-Danita LaShelle

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