A Single Resolution

Let me guess…

You’ve already gone back on that resolution. I know…I know. You’re already beating yourself over the head because: 

You’re three hours past your social media time limit
You’ve bitten into that 3rd doughnut while promising yourself this is really the last one
You’ve already stayed up way past your new bedtime
You’ve already missed day two of your workout regime
You’ve already snapped at a co-worker
You were late to work today
You’re still in that relationship

I’m pretty sure I could keep going. The truth is, most of you…or us…have already given up in 2019 because all the goals we intended to move toward this year have fallen apart on day two.

Want some truth? The resolutions you made for yourself this year are utter garbage. Yep, I said it. Your shameful attempt to better yourself is going to absolutely fall apart…

Whoa…relax. If you’re a fan of this blog you know that there’s a bit of a twist. Here it is:

The reason all of your other resolutions are going to fall apart is because they’re probably missing one specific element…the resolution to “fill your cup.”

Most of us go through life wanting to be in control of something. You can argue with me in the comment section if you want to, but it’s true. You don’t even have to be a control freak to want to be in control. In fact, most fears are based on the idea of losing control in specific situations. So the resolutions that you made were rooted in that. Because you felt that last year was so out of whack, each resolution declaration you made on December 31st was to regain the control you felt you lost in your life.

But that’s not why you feel out of whack. The truth behind your “control loss” feeling is really your empty cup. And before you dismiss me because you think I’m going to head in the direction of religion, keep reading.

Every person has one thing that truly fills them up. It’s that “thing” that you witness, or participate in, that makes you feel invincible. It makes you live better, work better, be better. It gives you a surge to move forward—makes you get out of bed with pep because that is the day that you’re going to conquer the world. It sharpens your iron. 

This “thing” fills you to the brim, even causing you to overflow at times. And it’s not a food or a beverage. It’s not a substance or a habit-forming, incapacitating obstacle. It’s a verb or an act or a moment that fills your empty cup. It’s a “thing” that allows you to embrace who you are. It feeds your brain, massages your thought process, and warms your heart. And once you find what it is, you wonder why you’ve kept your distance from it for so long.

And this “thing”…when it fills you, you’re able to move forward and take on the impossible. Suddenly, you can lose the weight, you can write the book, you can clean the slate of bad relationships and start over, you can be on time for work…because you are filled.

It may be writing, or dance, or theatre, or crunching numbers. It may be health care, or education, or instruction, or visual art. It may be music, or photography or inventing…welding or construction. It may be helping others…whatever it is…it fills you. And whether you’re blessed enough to engage in it every single day, or you can only dabble in it once a week, figure out a way to do it. Do it until your cup is full…and when it becomes empty, fill it again.  

In 2019, the only resolution you need is to find out what fills your cup. Because when your cup is full, you can pour into everything else. 

You know I’m right.

Happy New Year!

-Danita LaShelle

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