To Your Kid (The One Who Doesn’t Fit In)

This is the poem about isn’ts
And it’s one that needs to be shared
Because isn’ts are often dismissed among ain’ts
But the two should ne’er be compared

For an ain’t is one who never tries
Even though they try to pretend
They bully, and buck, with contempt in their eyes.
(and man, how they love to contend)

Ain’ts sit around and lament
they criticize movers and shakers,
they wag their fingers at isn’ts’ attempts
(But between you and me they’re just fakers)

An ain’t has no solutions,
just mentions problems abound
They point and they laugh, and scoff and they trash
Whenever an isn’t is around.

An ain’t never once sees others’ views
The fault of others they tout
They never try to wear others’ shoes
And their faith in failure, devout….

But an isn’t is very different,
sometimes misunderstood.
They don’t fit in, (much to their chagrin,)
And often times wish that they could.

An isn’t colors outside of the lines
And by drummers they follow no beats
They may not win all the races
And may not achieve all feats

Sometimes they don’t have all the trophies
They may not run fast or jump high
A tune they can’t hold (or so they’ve been told)
and their expertise, often denied

But an isn’t is the best kind of person
Because no matter how much they face fight
They roll over from hits, and jump over pits
And try with all of their might.

And though they may not get into clubs
And though the cool kids may sneer
An isn’t can stand,
(their pride in their hand)
And repeat this resounding cheer:

“I’m grateful that I’m an isn’t, for I don’t need to fit in
I’m grateful that I am an oddball, (and repeat this part with a grin)
For I’d rather be someone I’m proud of, and fit no cookie-cut shape,
than fit in with every,
Tom, Dick and Harry,
And their delusions of being too great.”

So tell your sweet child that goes to school, and may be feeling quite glum
And may be quite stressed,
(and somewhat depressed)
That they’re missing all of the fun.

They may not fit in with the jocks
And may not fit in with the geeks
They may not fit in with the kids of weird
Or some of the others they seek

Hug them and tell them that they’re awesome,
On days their headspace is unfurled

And tell them it’s quite better
to be unbound by fetter

Because isn’ts can change the world

-Danita LaShelle

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