Roll Over Resolutions

Ah, yes…the New Year. And like those coveted roll over cell phone minutes from the late 90s, your incomplete/undone resolutions from 2016 have rolled over to this year (and probably from the last two years.) And while in your hazed New Year’s Day euphoria you swore that you’d be different this time, it is now five days into this year and you’ve already failed.

Cheer up!

…….sorry…I um…don’t have a solution per say, I was just saying “cheer up!”

And now to present most people’s Roll Over Resolutions

  • Finally finish reading that book
  • Finally finishing that series
  • Finally start reading books
  • Clearing the cue on your online streaming service
  • Stop spending so much on food
  • Stop spending so much on Amazon
  • Being ok with spending so much on Amazon
  • Finally standing up to your in-law
  • Finally breaking up with your significant other
  • Finally breaking up with that guy unless he proposes
  • Finally breaking up with that guy even though he proposed
  • Stop spending so much time on Facebook
  • Heightening your social media presence so that people read your blog
  • Finally writing that book
  • Finally looking up copyright infringement laws to see if you can write that book
  • Finally seeing what all that fuss is about with that thing you keep hearing about
  • Finally hanging out with people instead of staying inside
  • Getting rid of your cable because you have so much in your cue on your streaming service
  • Finally completing whatever exercise challenge is trending on Facebook
  • Finally being honest about your friend’s new significant other
  • Not letting your laundry stay in the dryer/baskets longer than 24hrs
  • Finally opening more than three registers during peak hours at the chain-store you manage
  • Stop Tweeting about petty things because you’re about to be the most powerful man in the world
  • Stop taking selfies (Seriously. Stop.)
  • Finally finishing school
  • Finally deciding on a major so that you can do the previous
  • Finally quitting that job because they keep passing you over for that promotion
  • Finally quitting that job because you keep passing that guy over for that promotion
  • Finally admitting that you were wrong about that thing
  • Finally finishing that workout series
  • Finally fixing your DVD player so you can do the previous

And sure I could say eating right, exercise and losing weight…but that’s a given, right?

Happy New Year!

-Danita LaShelle

Picture provided by: Happy New Year 2017

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