“I Mean…C’Mon!” The Press Conference

Good evening, everyone. Thank you for coming to the “I Mean..C’mon!” Press Conference. Due to the recent events that have come to light in Florida, I felt that it would be good for us to come here today. Apparently using fictional “Gmorfs”  exceeded the level in which people can understand these situations. After becoming aware that people have already begun presenting their “what about” arguments, I realized we’re going to have to flat out use literal words and scenarios.


I’ll ask some questions that most people are thinking. Then we will address all of the questions that are presented in these situations and act accordingly.


My questions are as follows:


  • Why aren’t people who call 911 and falsely report a situation ever held accountable? This happens too often. Please refrain from telling me they can’t figure out who made the call, because we all know that’s a lie.
  • Why does an entire brigade show up with guns drawn to a situation where they think a person is attempting suicide? How does that deescalate a potentially suicidal person?
  • If it was an “accident,” how do you accidentally fire a gun more than once? (Seriously, I would like this question answered).
  • Why is it soooooo difficult to admit that some people should NEVER, EVER, EVER be police officers?
  • How do you confuse a toy truck with any lethal object?
  • Why do you handcuff and detain the person you just shot, even after realizing that an egregious error was made, then make them lie on the pavement until help arrives?
The floor is now open for your questions.*
(*These are actual questions I’ve seen in various comment sections on various social media sites.)


Yes, you in the front with the #AllLivesMatter shirt.


Q: “How come nobody protests when officers get shot by thugs?”
A: Because usually that “thug,” as you so racistly referred to them, is caught, imprisoned, or killed, immediately.


Q: There are plenty of white people who get unjustly shot by police all the time, how come you don’t protest or post about them?
A: You don’t either.


Q: Well, we don’t know the whole story. Why are you people so quick to judge?
A: We have a video, reliable eye witness account, a statement from the police department, a statement from the union representative, and an officer sitting in the comfort of his own home.


Q: So I guess when black people commit crimes police are supposed to look the other way?
A: You’re deflecting. Criminals should be properly arrested and dealt with, according to the crime they commit, by the court of law. We are not saying don’t arrest people, we’re saying don’t shoot and kill them before the other process can happen…but this man is not a criminal, he’s a licensed behavior specialist that is employed to help people with disabilities…so..um, I’m not sure why you asked that.


Q: Next time you’re in trouble, I hope you don’t need the police to help you!
A: 1) That’s not a question. 2) You mean that as a threat, but when we comply, keep our hands up the entire time, make no threatening gestures, and still get shot AND cuffed, it makes us hope we don’t need them either.


Q: Why do you assume that this was racially motivated? He was aiming for the autistic man.
A: If that were true, they wouldn’t have cuffed him and left him face down on the pavement, in Miami heat, until the ambulance arrived.


Q: Why are you people against cops?
A: We’re not. I mean you’re expecting more of an explanation, but there isn’t one. We are literally not against all cops; just the bad ones….and I”m going to ignore the “you people” remark.


Q: What do you expect the police to do?
A: Admit. That there. Are bad. Cops! That’s it! Just admit it. If you witness a fellow officer committing a crime, he should be arrested and detained just like any other person. No one should be above the law.


Q: How DARE you, Danita! You’re suggesting that we arrest men who put themselves in danger everyday?
A: I’m suggesting that any person found to be in a situation where they commit a crime, and it is obvious, should not be allowed to “wait until there is an investigation” while having access to Netflix and their own fridge. We don’t treat citizens that way unless they post bail first…if they make it.


Q: Maybe if you all put more time and effort into your own community there wouldn’t be so much black on black crime.
A: Same to you and your community. The demonization of Black people in America fuels this poorly researched argument. Statistically (assuming that you yourself understand how those work) when you actually do the math, the difference between crimes in both camps carry a difference of about 3%.


Q: Well black people make up 12% of the population, but are responsible for 90% of all violent crimes in the US!
A. 1) Learn what a question is. 2) Try finding facts from websites and sources that end with .gov and not .org or .com; and also avoid getting information from websites containing phrases like “taking America back.” Believe it or not, they are somewhat biased.


Q: If black men aren’t “violent,” why are there more in prison than there are in college?
A: 1) Your sarcasm is offensive. 2) That is a myth perpetuated by the media; there are at least 500,000 more black men currently enrolled in college than in prison. 3) Of the black men serving time in state penitentiaries, 59% are serving time for non-violent drug related charges. Sixty percent of white males in prison are there for violent offenses…sooooo-


Q: Again I ask, where is the support for our slain cops?
A: The entire nation is flying flags at half staff, the shooter in Dallas was literally blown up, the current sitting President and Former President of the United States of America attended the memorial service, several #blacklivesmatter demonstrations all over the nation peacefully combined demonstrations with local officers to show solidarity………next question.


Q. Well if blacks don’t want police involvement, why not build your own communities or towns.
A. Ah, ok. Great idea…except for Atlanta 1906; Greenwood Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921; Chicago 1919; Rosewood 1923; Washington, DC, 1919; Knoxville, TN, 1919; New York City, 1863; East St. Louis 1917; Fort Moose, FL, 1763; Seneca Village, 1857….there’s more…but my head hurts so I’m going to just stop here.


Q. What do you want? Every job has someone who’s bad at it.
A. You’re absolutely right; but other professions don’t allow people to work after committing horrible crimes: teachers aren’t allowed to work in another district, medical doctors get stripped of their license, lawyers get disbarred, most clergy lose their churches (I said most…I realize that topic could send us down a very dark line of questioning), and all of these people would most certainly do time.


Q: Don’t you understand it’s more complicated than that?
A: No, it’s not! Train better, and deprogram individuals from thinking that every situation they approach is a “me or them” situation.


Q: So, then it’s ok if people are violent toward police?
A: No. That is never ok. I wholeheartedly condemn any violence toward law enforcement.


Q: When the media highlights these bad cops, don’t you people realize it puts the good ones in danger.
A: Partially true, unfortunately. However, bad cops put good cops in danger regardless of the media spotlight….and seriously, “you people” is racist…just in case you didn’t know.


Q: So you don’t believe that good police officers tell on bad ones?
A: No. The repercussions are too high for the good guy that still wants to make a difference and keep their job.


Q: So you’re one of those libtards that believe in that made up “Blue Wall of Silence?”
A: Ok, 1) You should look my last post, “How to Conduct Yourself in an Argument”  2) The “Blue Wall of Silence” is not a myth. According to an independent study conducted in Massachusetts, officers usually refuse to cooperate when their fellow colleagues are being investigated. This has been proven to go as high up as some local branches of FBI. Which is why most police shootings involving unarmed citizens go unpunished.


Q: This wouldn’t be a problem if Obama wasn’t in office.
A: 1) Not a question. 2) Seriously, read “How to Conduct Yourself in an Argument.” 3) This problem between law enforcement and the black community is not eight years old…more like 350 years old.


Q: Don’t you believe there are good cops?
A: Yes. I know and have encountered some amazing police officers. They are awesome.


Q: Then why can’t you concentrate on the good ones.
A: Because the bad or poorly trained ones kill people. And I have 3 “usual suspects” or “fits the descriptions” living in my house, and them encountering the bad ones seems to be more likely.


Q: Black people wouldn’t have any issues if they didn’t look like they were committing crimes.
A: Wow. I’m not sure how to respond to that other than to flat out call you a racist. But by all means, call the police every time you think a black person is committing a crime; and we’ll call every time we see a white guy walk into a movie theater.


A: Yeah, I know. That last statement I made was completely out of line…just like yours.


Q: What about Mike Brown? If you don’t want police to shoot, don’t do anything wrong!
A: We’re not talking about Mike Brown. And the fact that he’s your “go to” in these situations says a lot.


Q. Police face danger every day. You have to take into account that they have seen stuff you’ll never have to see.
A: True. But as a citizen, it shouldn’t be my job to deescalate a situation because a police officer is on edge from an incident that happened earlier in their week.


Q: At the end of the day, why can’t you promote love? Love wins!
A: Love heals after the bullets stop flying. We need to acknowledge why the bullets fly first, then apply the love afterward.



Thank you for your questions today. I would like to say that we shouldn’t have to have this conversation again….


but the week isn’t over yet.
-Danita LaShelle

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